The Enemies

These are the lyrics to two songs that I cut from the musical I'm writing.

Jaro darling

In the original plot of the musical, the girl leaves her fiancé because he was too wrapped up in his political battles to be a good husband, a theme I kept in the revision. This was her Dear John letter.

Live your life now, Járo darling,
Now’s all we have.
Life may be hard
But your wars make it harder still.

Fighting takes time, Járo darling,
Time’s all there is.
If you can’t see that life’s running by you,
Soon you will.

Spend your time on what you love, Járo dear,
Not on fighting what you hate.
If you wait for things to change like you want them
Then it will be too late.

Stop making plans for tomorrow,
There’s just today.
Don’t forget that your death might be just a
Day away.

Marry a wife, Járo darling,
Not your ideals.
Where’s an ideal
When you can’t get to sleep at night?

Things might not last but at least they
Last for a while.
Work towards what will be, Járo darling,
Not what might.

Give a woman what she needs, Járo dear,
Don’t forget she has a voice.
You can still pursue your dreams like you want to,
Don’t think that it’s a choice.

You said you’d die for me but it’s
Harder to live.
How can you give your life when you have no
Life to give?

I want a child, Járo darling,
You want a dream.
Dreams are just dreams,
But a child’s there when you awake.

Children are real, Járo darling,
Not just a cause.
You have none, yet you say you fight battles
For their sake.

Men are always making plans, Járo dear,
Making peace by making wars.
Women stick to making homes for their children
They find their peace indoors.

Live your life now, don’t you know to
Wait is to die?
I must go, so good luck, Járo darling,
And goodbye.

Piano score

A baron's life

This was the aristocrat/commander's main song.

Giving a position on the staff to an unknown,
Granting my permission for the maid to get a loan,
Dealing with physicians selling lotions on commission, and so on.
A Baron’s life is not his own.

Reading the petitions from the groups who always moan,
Meeting their conditions so they’ll please leave me alone,
Treating politicians’ propositions with suspicion, and so on.
A baron’s life is not his own,
He battles life all on his own.

Fighting a cause for a friend,
Waging small wars without end,
Laws to amend,
Chores to attend,
Taxes to pay.
A baron’s life is lived from day to day.

Making tough decisions:
Some tell you not to, while some say you’ve got to.
And often you’re meeting with derision:
Some always slight you, if only to spite you, though they have no right to, they do nothing else.

The hourglass.
I lose but always try until then.
The ruling class.
If they won’t change the rules who will, then?

Who’ll take the blame?
Who’ll guard the guards?
Who’ll play the game?
Who’ll deal the cards?

I’ll try.
And I’ll try.
And I’ll try,
And I’ll try and I’ll try.

I’ll try keeping up tradition but not carving it in stone,
Beating superstition by appeal to what is known,
Trusting intuition in the face of opposition, and so on.
A baron’s life is not his own,
He battles life all on his own,
But while I’ve life I’ll serve my own.

I’ll fight kings with my pen,
I’ll be all things to all men,
Fail now and then,
Stand up again,
Back to defend and defy.
I’ll earn my pay and make my way and hope and pray from day to day, till I die.

Piano score