Rise Up, Fall Over

I currently have musical in development, that I wrote the book, music and lyrics to, which I'm aiming to get produced in Spring 2018.

Rise Up, Fall Over

A serious political drama about spinning too many plates when you probably shouldn’t be spinning plates in the first place because they’re not your plates and I’m not inviting you to dinner again oh God look what you’ve done to my carpet.


Prague, 1848. Jaroslav seems to have accidentally started a revolution. His girlfriend isn’t very happy about this. They argue about it for 90 minutes through the medium of song in a way that’s not anything like as bad as that sounds. (There’s also a subplot involving the emperor, a marriage proposal, a dead body, a psychotic tailor’s assistant who’s really good at his job, a gay lawyer who isn’t, but not because he’s gay, that would be wrong, some comedy anti-Semitism because that’s what people did in those days, and a suicidal aristocrat who we all like to laugh at because honestly what’s funnier than other people’s pain.)

You can hear some cut songs from it on my composing page.

The first workshop featured Ian Burfield, Mark Fleischmann, Peter Hannah, John Hopkins, James Kermack, Michael Kirk, and Amy Lennox. It was directed by Pia Furtado, and MD'd by Andy Ralls.

The second featured David Burt, Natalie Casey, Gunnar Cauthery, Brian Gilligan, John Hopkins (again), and Michael Palmer. It was directed by Tom Attenborough and MD'ed by Joe Atkins.

White & Red invite

Random lyrics

You can read the lyrics to some pastiches I've written and also to some cut songs from the White & Red.


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