He knows his music.Lenny Henry

Here's the full clip of Lenny taking about me (and also taking the mickey out of my haircut and accent) on the Christian O'Connell Show (15/01/11):

Here's the piano solo he's talking about:

Benedict is a terrific music teacher. I really love getting out of the office and going off to a music lesson. He knows his stuff inside and out, and yet is completely aware of the pretentious attitude that infests so many music schools. We just talk music – and he’s shown me how to use my EARS. And what its going to sound like before I press the keys! We talk about records, riffs, harmony and analyse every kind of record as to what makes them really great. I’m listening to things I never thought I would, and I’m playing better and more than I have in years.

Senior record executive from one of the Big 3 record companies

Benedict has that unusual combination in a teacher: a considered, pupil-focused approach, alongside overwhelmingly evident pleasure in playing and teaching the piano. It's infectious in the extreme. His self-developed methods avoid dry techniques and repetitive methods of dusty old piano teachers - but the exercises and worksheets he provides slowly unlock the mysteries of the instrument in a truly personal way. His lessons are tailored to the individual, which makes them all the more productive; but they are also fun, which spurs on solo practice and speeds up learning. And his prices are incredibly reasonable. I wouldn't go to anyone else.

Adam S, consultant

Having not played a musical instrument since I gave up the piano as a child, I was looking for a teacher who would help me reconnect my love of music with the long process of learning an instrument. I knew this wasn’t a given, but Benedict’s lessons have done exactly that. His original and continuously evolving course is clear and well structured, but his lessons are always different and full of ideas that adapt his methods to my personal interests. Benedict’s playing by ear approach integrates intuitive understanding with music theory, and keeps things consistently new and inspiring. You can play him any style of music and he’ll instantly explain and demystify it without ever compromising the creativity behind it. He also insists on never cutting corners and focusing on one’s weaknesses, which is challenging but has great benefits in the long run. I am steadily improving my technique and expanding my understanding of musical structure, rhythms and harmonies – both in classical and popular music. The way I listen to music has completely changed. Benedict is a truly gifted teacher and a talented musician. I highly recommend him.

Alex S, student

Benedict has been teaching both our teenage son and daughter piano and music theory on a weekly basis for two years and we have found him to be both a great teacher and very easy to get along with, which make his lessons a pleasure. His genuine enthusiasm for his subject and for teaching is inspiring and has solicited keen engagement from our children who always look forward to his lessons.

Benedict's knowledge of his subject is clearly very deep and he can draw easily on it to explain any musical feature under discussion. He is able to sustain pupil interest by relating his lessons to a wide variety of musical genres and play a range of examples to put any feature considered in context. Benedict is also imaginative in his teaching methods, developing his own mind models and worksheets to aid his pupils' understanding. However, although he teaches with clear lesson plans and objectives in mind, his wide musical knowledge also means he is extremely good at improvised teaching, if something spontaneously comes up during the class. In this way Benedict is very adaptable and well able to use his knowledge to tailor lessons to meet individual pupils' interests.

In addition, we have found Benedict to be very reliable; he has never cancelled a lesson, other than for pre-arranged holidays. We also feel his fees are exceptionally reasonable, given the very high level of input and commitment his pupils receive.

Benedict is a superb teacher and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Georgia H.

Benedict has helped me on several occasions with musical analysis projects, harmonization, orchestral reduction and piano playing.

He is a talented teacher with a solid knowledge of music theory, an easygoing student oriented approach to his teaching and lots of patience.

Whether you are a student struggling with the theoretical aspects of music such as I, or simply someone who is curious about how music works Benedict is what you’re looking for.

Rebecca B., trainee opera singer

I was given a few lessons with Benedict as a gift and as a complete beginner, was unsure what to expect and what would be expected of me from the teaching. I needn't have worried. One of the great things about Benedict's style is that there are no assumptions. He took the time to explain his reasons for learning by ear as a foundation for the rest of our lessons, even said it may not be right for me, but it more than was and suited me perfectly. I loved Benedict's way of easing me in to more and more challenging pieces of music, whilst always prompting me to knuckle down on the tiny bits of each piece I needed to perfect. I was also completely free to choose any song that I wanted to learn.

Finally, the video follow ups that Benedict recorded for our lessons were priceless. The accessibility was key. I could take out my phone or laptop at any free moment and get my mind back in the lesson by watching and slowly working through his YouTube recordings.

Gary M, editor

Benedict is the man!

I started lessons with him about two years ago and my piano skills have really improved a lot ever since. Unlike my previous piano teacher Benedict is very flexible and open when it comes to his way of teaching. I can approach him with literally any type of tune I would like to play, no matter which style or genre, and he is able to replay it right on the spot. The lessons itself are always fun and productive, thanks to his impressive knowledge of music, and patience.

Benedict is without any doubt one of the best things that has happened to my my musical development and I can only recommend him!

Sam Azura, rapper

I have been seeing Benedict for over a year and enjoyed every lesson I had. It's a pleasure to meet with him and learn music in a fun way. He is very patient and shares his enthusiasm for music despite the fact that I am a beginner. He is very knowledgeable and organises the lesson in a very productive way while always empathising with my difficulties and timing. He is always interested in the lesson and gives his full attention, while striking the perfect balance between being understanding and challenging. I recommend Benedict unreservedly to anyone who wants to progress in piano.

Maria L, student

Benedict was my second piano teacher. The first made me do scales and didn't look very interested in teaching me (I never went back after the first lesson). I know myself, I need to be kept interested. Benedict does this in many ways:

  • I choose the tunes I want to play, so I get to learn music I like.
  • He tweaks his teach strategy during lesson to get me understanding piano better. He has a very intuitive method.
  • He breaks down songs and techniques so I can understand what is going on and then after each section is good, I play a piece until I play it well. During which he listens, watches and adapts.
  • Benedict cares.

Bottom line, I will never switch teachers. period. he is the good stuff. I recommend you speak to him once and you'll get what I'm saying...

Samir H, business owner and DJ

Before I walked into my first lesson with Benedict, I had barely touched the piano. Now, just a month later, I'm playing in all keys with both hands, and have begun to tackle chord theory and the playing of popular music tracks. Benedict is a great teacher, and is very patient with my endless questions and diversions through the lessons. While he is guiding me through piano playing in a logical order, the lessons aren't set in stone and Benedict is quick to seize upon any weak areas for greater practice, spend time establishing good habits when playing, and generally being flexible to me as a student. The lessons are always challenging, however this is the best way to improve quickly. I'd highly recommend Benedict's tuition to anyone at any level who wants to improve their piano playing. Top marks!

James L, senior executive and DJ